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Sunglasses is considered very prominent accessory which give the huge impact on the personality. An excellent pair of sunglasses not only change your face, your style but also boost your cheer mood too.

This summer’s sunglasses trends are a versatile bunch that turns quite a few heads. The stylish and cool shades with fresh and bold frames available at Smart Buy Glasses, can upgrade any guy’s appearance with stylish look.

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2021 is the year of oversized trendy sunglasses. Time to turn your new specs as an essential piece of your wardrobe.

Oversized sunglasses are large framed specs using as a fashion symbol. These type of shades gained crazy status in the ‘60s. Stylish Icons like Audrey and Jackie Kennedy boost the trend of oversized sunny glasses.

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This is the general rule for selecting the sunglasses always consider your face shape. If you want to wear your glasses more than once, it would be cool to consider what actually looks good on you. For example, on Square faces suits the soft curves of rounder frames. Similarly, the features of a triangular- or heart-shaped face will be highlighted by aviators. Rounder faces, on the other hand, might consider picking for square or rectangular styles such as wayfarers to make strengthen their features. So before buying the good pair of stylish sunglasses make sure you like them and it suits to your pretty face.

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Most stylish popular men’s sunglasses in 2021


Oversized Aviator

Oversized aviator sunglasses are famous in the hip hop and streetwear trend. these men’s sunglasses offer oversized drape from every face angle. These sunglasses having black and gold frames with grey lenses, but are also available in the market in other colors of Cazal and Carrera.

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Metal Clip –on Glasses

 Clip –on Sunglasses has a huge revival, rapidly going from retro to modern hot. Men enjoy the slim lines with color options like gold and white. these are even slimmer and more lightweight than acetate frames.

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D-Frame Sunglasses

D-Frame sunglasses style becoming more and more popular among the guys who have rounded face.


Square Wayfarer Sunglasses

This is the evergreen style of sunglasses. It is above time but it’s totally hipster.

Well reputed different brands like Cazal, Carrera, Ray.Ban , Oakley, Kam Dhillon, Moncler and many more showcasing their awesome sunglasses in different stylish looks to give the stylish look to the customers. Smartbuyglasses (web site) assembles the different brands at its platform.

Most stylish popular Women’s sunglasses in 2021

Women always are very conscious about to their beauty. They are crazy to upgrade their wardrobe with stylish latest products which enhance their beauty. Sunglasses of top brands like Gucci, Prada, Ray. Ban, Dior, Tom Ford and many more that outfit the stylish look.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

From over the past decades this style is very trendy in celebrities to modern sophisticated women. Its unique design always keeps its elegant place among the modern women.

Round Shape Sunglasses

Women get some retro feelings for their wardrobes with round sunglasses in mirrored lenses as per face appearance. The robust frames of round shape sunglasses are suitable for sportswear, beach day, or any leisure time activities.

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are super hit as they cover most of the face from the destructive sun rays and they tend to work best on oval and round shaped faces. This typical design gratifies to all fashion choices without looking over the top.

Browline Sunglasses

Regular browline sunglasses are very cool. Top celebrities are loving this shape now a day.

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